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Our beginning: How The Tow Truck came to be

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

As a small towing company on the island of Kauai, we pride ourselves in offering a range of towing and recovery services. From light to heavy duty towing, recovery, crane work and more, we aim to provide high-quality service backed by experience, knowledge and aloha.

But above all, we love odd jobs and are always looking to take on a new and insane challenge. So naturally, every so often someone will present us with an extremely difficult challenge that puts our abilities and willpower to the test. After years in the business we can honestly say we've never come across a more insane and seemingly unrealistic proposition than—you should start a blog!

We're not one to turn down a challenge, even one as crazy as starting a blog. And if blogging is anything like having to hook up to the underside of a fully-loaded trash truck after it broke down amid a stretch of torrential downpour—well then, I guess we got this! So here goes.

Here at The Tow Truck, we're often asked about how our business started. To mark the start of our blog, we thought we'd share a small snippet about how our company came to be.

Our beginning

In 2007, a 20-year-old James Henriques bought his very first tow truck—a 1996 Ford F350 with a Century 408 wrecker—using all $9,000 of his personal savings and an extra $1,000 that he borrowed from his dad. As a teenager he had gained some towing and repair experience working at Seto's Repair Service in Waimea. After studying auto repair at Universal Technical Institute and spending a few years working in the auto industry, he decided to start his own towing business on Kauai. Like many first-time business owners, he felt excited and optimistic about this new chapter in his life.

"All that ended real quick," laughs James. "I remember there were days when I wouldn't get any calls. I felt this constant sense of fear. What if I didn't get enough jobs? What if I couldn't pay my bills? I realized that I knew all the technical things about towing but I didn't know anything about business."

Purchasing the tow truck had been a huge investment, and because of his slow start in business he didn't have enough money for advertising. So he did the only thing he could do.

"I just ran all the calls I could. Any time my phone rang, no matter what time of day or what I was doing, I'd drop everything and run that call."

And slowly but surely, business picked up. The phone began ringing more regularly. The truck was out every day running everything from lockouts to tows. And with a little trial and error he began to understand the inner workings of a small business.

"I'm not sure if there was an exact moment when I felt my business was getting on the right track. But I do remember a year after starting out, I realized that I had more than enough to pay my dad back the $1,000 he loaned me for my first tow truck. So I did."

To be continued...

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